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23 March 2010
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White Ribbon

Okay…so last night I saw White Ribbon directed by Michael Haneke.  The only other film of his that I have seen was Funny Games.  The film was shot in black and white which was appropriate for the time period\location that this film was set in which was pre-war Germany.  Haneke …

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17 March 2010
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Third Cinema of the Third World

As I was reading “Towards a Third Cinema” I began to understand the Third Cinema as a cinema that is resistant. It speaks to those that live in countries that have been affected by the harshness of colonialism. However, the impact of colonialism has not left these countries. …

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15 March 2010
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Auteur Theory: Film vs. Music Videos

I was just wondering. Does the auteur theory only pertain to film directors or can it pertain to directors who direct music videos as well?
Francis Lawrence directed I Am Legend and he also directed Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. In my opinion, I believe he is an auteur even …

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10 March 2010
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The Auteur Theory

It seems as though there is a debate over what the true meaning of Auteur is. Sarris seems to have an understanding of an auteur is one that has “technical competence of a director as a criterion of value” and “the distinguishable personality of the director as a criterion …

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3 March 2010
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Lost Highway

I just wanted to comment on today’s screening of Lost Highway. The entire scene gives off a sense of detachment. Both Pullman and Arquette’s characters are detached emotionally. There is nothing there. Even during a moment where a normal person should be scared – it did …

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3 March 2010
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Jean Epstein’s “Magnification”

I enjoyed reading “Magnification”. Epstein elaborated on the different movements of the face having such an aesthetic impression on him. I believe it does. Without the close up, I feel that cinema would not have as powerful an effect of bringing the audience as close …