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Okay…so last night I saw White Ribbon directed by Michael Haneke.  The only other film of his that I have seen was Funny Games.  The film was shot in black and white which was appropriate for the time period\location that this film was set in which was pre-war Germany.  Haneke is very clever with his use of the white ribbon which symbolized in a nutshell: punishment and innocence.  I have noticed Haneke’s techniques: no non-diagetic music, slow-pacing (creates anxiety for the audience) , shocking scenes, and minimal camera movement (his shots are usually static) – we as the audience don’t follow each character to every room that they enter – we wait to see them come out from a room, house, or location – it is very realistic if we were present.  Waiting adds an element of suspense or curiosity.  The film had an ambiguous ending.  There was a lot to discuss after the film.  Even though the pacing of this film is slow, what ever the audience doesn’t see through visuals, the audience gets with the dialogue.  I thought the writing of this film was good.  It is subtitled.  The choice to make this film in black and white made many scenes aesthetically pleasing.  I highly recommend this film, however, go to an early showing because this film is 2 and a half hours long.  It is currently playing at Film Forum on Houston Street and (I believe) in Forest Hills.

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Posted by christina421   @   23 March 2010

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