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I have been a fan of vampires and am drawn to the mystique of vampirism.  What always struck me was the way in which sexuality has always been linked to vampires.  A vampire’s sexual orientation almost always leans towards heterosexuality (Queen of the Damned) or has homoerotic tendencies (Interview with a Vampire, The Rocky Horror Picture Show).  Why are we fascinated with the nature of vampires?  Is it because it fulfills our own fantasies of sexuality?  There are inappropriate relationships in vampire films that we would normally find appalling (Let the Right One In/ Twilight), but because vampires never age, we don’t find these types of relationships socially unacceptable.  In fact, it is appeals to us.  This is due to the way that vampires look aesthetically.   Nosferatu’s vampire was hideous, yet Twilight’s vampires are all good looking.  In this paper, I would like to explore the sexual nature of vampires, how it has evolved through films, and why it appeals to our senses as an audience.

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Posted by christina421   @   28 April 2010

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May 5, 2010
12:00 pm
#1 dana318 :

I think this is an awesome idea for a paper. I as well have been a fan of vampires for years since “interview with the vampire”. The sudden vampire craze within books tv and movies make the basis for your paper something very interesting to write about

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