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As I have commented on a few other blogs, I don’t believe that the cinema will die. With time comes change. The world constantly evolves and so does our technology. There are many arguments about the technology that is utilized for film making. Friedberg argues that the cinema is being lost within the technological world it lives in. There is little difference between other medium that co-exist with it. A counterargument made by Rosen describes “utopians of the digital”. There is a hybrid of different technological sources. The digital world was inescapable because it was going to happen with a shift to modernity and the digital age.

When it comes to films in the digital age, it is not as artsy fartsy as the films that precede them. It is much more commendable to see a film like Star Wars than it is to see something like Avatar…although I have yet to see it. Why is it commendable? Because of the creativity behind it. I know it took Cameron way more than a year to accomplish the effect of AVATAR, but I appreciate the time it takes to create the things that look futuristic by building them with your own hands, not by a click of a mouse.

However, we have come a long way from the days of Godzilla but there is always a sense of nostalgia because or lack of a creative streak when filmmakers remake films in order to use CGI effects. – Cloverfield was a total ripoff of Godzilla.

We live in a capitalist world and new technology sells. Friedberg talks about VCRS, Cable TV, the remote control, so on and so forth. Buyers are always wanting more technology, something that will make their lives much more convenient because most of the time people are busy. Yet, I don’t think people will become so immersed in technology to forget about the cinema. It is part of socialization. People date and go to the movies, people like to leave the confines of their own home to attend a film at the “movies”. If the theaters were eliminated, that would be just another element that is taken away from social interaction. We already stop talking and text in order to avoid social interaction, people work in cubicles and that removes the comradery of the office, and removing cinemas would remove the romantic, familial, and friendly involvement with the theater. The total essence of the cinema would be gone.

But as a true Cinephile, I don’t think others like myself could easily let that happen.

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Posted by christina421   @   12 May 2010

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May 15, 2010
2:23 am

If Avatar is less commendable because of the CGI, I’m wondering if you have the same opinion about hand-drawn animation. Is hand-drawn animation less commendable than live-action, because everything you see in the film is just drawn, and not built?

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